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Take control of your thinking. Get SASSY!

As a Christian therapist, I’m always thinking of ways we can renew our minds—in truth and with hope through God’s Word. One process that seems to be helping people is learning to get SASSY! Our daughter Kristen helped me enhance the SASSY technique with the accompanying acrostic—thanks, Kristen! (Click here to see the acrostic and read the full article.)

Managing Anxiety

Almost everyone has trouble falling asleep sometimes; almost everyone feels occasional concerns about current events. Seeing news reports of natural disasters, beheadings, school shootings, wars, human trafficking, or impending global financial disasters is enough to cause unsettled thoughts in all of us! The challenge occurs when those concerns multiply so much that they become an anxiety disorder. If you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety, download my article, "Managing Anxiety."

Overcoming Depression

Suffering the intense pain of depression isn't a sign of weakness. In fact, depression is often referred to as the common cold of emotional disorders. Therefore, asking for help is not at all like holding up a white flag of surrender. Instead, it is realizing you matter--and what you are experiencing emotionally matters. Those intense feelings of depression are not an indication of "failure" but are a reminder that you need help. But, there is hope! If you or someone you love is suffering from any form of depression, download my article, "Overcoming Depression ."

Palm Beach Counseling & Life Coaching provides a relaxing, healing environment where you can address your concerns while discovering new strength and skills to deal with life's challenges and difficulties.

In a peaceful setting, Palm Beach Counseling & Life Coaching offers opportunities for growth through Christian counseling. We also offer life coaching, for people navigating the complexities of life's journey.

The goal of Palm Beach Counseling is to help people experience hope amidst life's changes and challenges. We offer various forms of therapy, including cognitive behavioral, solution-focused, and biblical. Palm Beach Counseling offers emotional, intellectual, relational and spiritual encouragement for you to apply to your unique life experience.

Palm Beach Counseling provides counseling for individuals, couples, families and groups. We are also available for life coaching, consulting and seminars.

"Core Healing from Sexual Abuse" now available in English and Spanish.

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Core Healing from Sexual Abuse: A Journey of Hope

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