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Core Healing Workshop DVD Available

The Core Healing from Sexual Abuse Workshop is available on DVD! The DVD includes five sessions, each approximately 45-minutes, to help you apply and/or teach Core Healing from Sexual Abuse: A Journey of Hope.

On sale for only $50, the day-long Core Healing Workshop was developed to train therapists, pastors, lay counselors, life coaches, missionaries, students and many others who want to help people heal from sexual abuse. The training, developed after more than thirty years of research, skillfully integrates biblical principles for healing with proven counseling methods.

(DVD only available in English)

With this DVD, you can host either a day-long training or several seminars for your professional counseling group, your church's lay ministry leaders or youth or men's or women's group leaders! Since the workshop is designed to help people apply the Core Healing workbook, please be sure each participant has his or her own copy of Core Healing from Sexual Abuse: A Journey of Hope. Workbooks are available at a discount with free shipping on the Resources link. (Please specify whether you are ordering the English or Spanish edition of the workbook.) You can also order the workbooks on Amazon, or call Palm Beach Counseling at 561.620.0089.

Do you have questions about the workshop? You can contact workshop presenter Marti Wibbels, MS, LMHC, via email: marti@pbcounseling.com. To order, please contact Alan Wibbels at awibbels@gmail.com, or call Palm Beach Counseling at 561.620.0089.

Please note: both the "Core Healing" workshop and workbook are copyrighted material and therefore may not be reproduced in any form without the author's express written permission.

Palm Beach Counseling & Life Coaching provides a relaxing, healing environment where you can address your concerns while discovering new strength and skills to deal with life's challenges and difficulties.

In a peaceful setting, Palm Beach Counseling & Life Coaching offers opportunities for growth through Christian counseling. We also offer life coaching, for people navigating the complexities of life's journey.

The goal of Palm Beach Counseling is to help people experience hope amidst life's changes and challenges. We offer various forms of therapy, including cognitive behavioral, EMDR, solution-focused and biblical. Palm Beach Counseling offers emotional, intellectual, relational and spiritual encouragement for you to apply to your unique life experience.

Palm Beach Counseling provides counseling for individuals, couples, families and groups. We are also available for life coaching, consulting and seminars.

"Core Healing from Sexual Abuse" workbooks available in English and Spanish.

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Core Healing from Sexual Abuse: A Journey of Hope

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